Shop Page Renovation

What up ladies and gentlemen. As usual, we are busy trying to make things happen and we end up forgetting to update our blog to keep everyone posted but we’ve returned once again to fill the public in on the breaking news.

We are collaborating with a local photographer, Wilfredo Ruiz, to re-do the look of our merchandise for the shop page. Plus, he’s also helping us put together our look book for the Spring Line which will be out in early April; so be on the look out for that.

For those that don’t know, we do not do reprints for our designs. For example. we had a high demand for the King Octopus Sweater and we are sorry to say that if you didn’t get yours, than we greatly apologize.

Furthermore, we are re-upping on our promo gear, and getting new stickers so if you haven’t already, you can still get free stickers!